'How frail a king is with his crown off…' Dusthouse produced trailer for the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of HECUBA. The film is directed by Christopher McGill. dusthouse.org Troy has fallen. It's the end of war and the beginning of something else. Something worse. As the cries die down after the final battle, there are reckonings to be made. Humiliated by her defeat and imprisoned by the charismatic victor Agamemnon, the great queen Hecuba must wash the blood of her buried sons from her hands and lead her daughters forward into a world they no longer recognise. Agamemnon has slaughtered his own daughter to win this war. But now another sacrifice is demanded… In a world where human instinct has been ravaged by violence, is everything as it seems in the hearts of the winners and those they have defeated? RSC Deputy Artistic Director Erica Whyman (The Christmas Truce, 2014) directs Marina Carr's (The Cordelia Dream, 2008) reimagining of the legend of Hecuba in a visceral new play. A searing vision of war, womanhood and courage, inventively told.